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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Puman and friend

Click on the art for larger images.

So I'm hoping to scan some more stuff later today.

But until then, this is for the animal people book I'm workin' on. I have different types of animal people. From Centaurs and Fauns to more traditional Werewolves. This guy is on the more human side. He still has some animal qualities, he's covered in short hair, he has a tail and claws. Since I draw on my own boards and have to cut off about 3 inches from each page, I wound up with a ton of 3 inch wide strips of board, so I decided to do a bunch of smaller thin shots for the book, like bookends. This is one of them. He walks on his toes cause he's part Puma, thus Puman.

He's wearing manpanties because it's very hot were he lives, plus he has fur so he doesn't get cold that easily. Since Freaks! wasn't matuer readers material, I decided to keep this on PG as well, so if your looking for bits, you'll not find them here, Gar!

If you notice he's very similar to the changeling woman I have on Deviant Art. I did that on purpose. I hate wasting designs so if I do decide to do a story with these guys I have some background guys already designed.

I just like this guy;)

I did the more traditional Minoan head on him. With the longer face and horns turned up. He was done on 3 pieces of 3 inch board and slapped together in photoshop. Jess cleaned him up for coloring. I hadn't done a Minotaur yet so here he is.



cool! me likes

hehe, you said poo-man and man panties!

hey, that minotaur sure is horny!

Brett said...

Well, that's what they are man panties.

Anonymous said...

Pumaman is pretty slick, Brett. With the volume of work you do, do you draw all the time, or just certain hours of the day?
Oh, and do you have anything else with "Pumaman"? Thanks Brett!

Brett said...

I work when I feel like it or when on a deadline;) I actually haven't done anything in a few days. One of the dogs hurt his throat yesterday so I was at the vets until 2:00 yesterday morning (remember I have a 2 hour drive home.) And today the satellite internet guy came out to fix the dish. Usually I work in the afternoon and evenings.

This is the first appearance of Puman;) it's his character design:)

Anonymous said...

All your characters must visit the same tribal tattoo artist. Which isn't bad, but just once I would like to see someone with a I "heart" MOM.


Brett said...

He's a very good tattoo artist, word of mouth really works.

They don't speak English so how do you know they don't say that;)

The ton-katsu was pretty good, not as good as the other one I used to get but still good:)

Anonymous said...

I saw behind the scenes at too many mall restaurants during high school to ever buy food at one. I love going to small non-chain Chinese restaurants where they barely speak English, they usually make the best food.