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Monday, January 7, 2008


It's windy here today. I hurt my wrist and am getting over another cold. I hate the winter. On the plus side it was about 70 today.



Anonymous said...

Winter and 70 degrees? :) We're at 29, and I consider that a good day for a winter this far north. My car hasn't even had trouble starting yet this season (though the hood was frozen shut for a while when I needed to change a headlight). :)

Thanks for the new dino pic. I have this site on my Bloglines feed, yet I still end up coming here every day anyways. A maybe somewhat unrelated question: are you still planning on doing that anthro art book? I haven't seen you mention it in a while, and I'm sure you can get pretty busy what with the dogs/Frankenstein/life, but just thought there's no harm in asking. Anyways, as ever, love the art, and the rants are fun too. :)


yeah man, i love your dinos

so a book soon?

Brett said...


We live the desert so it's usually warmish, even in the winter. I lived in the mountains of PA for 13 years, I don't like the snow anymore.

The Anthro book is still on, but since Jess does the coloring/writing on those it will be awhile. She's got to finish writing Anita Blake first. I don't like to color humans/humanoids )I'm actually not very good at them.) I just do the dinosaurs:)

We do have a name for it but I'm saving that for a later post.


I was supposed too be doing stuff/art for a touring dinosaur museum but they seem to have fallen off the map, so I just decided to do it myself. I even started writing it. It will be a collection of my favorite dinosaurs and some tidbits of (mis)information. I'm sure I've managed to piss of most of the paleontologists on the first page! Cladistics, blah!

I'm going to try an include a story in the vein of Dinotopia in it. I just need to figure out which one I want to do.



Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why I continue to put up with these winters, but I suspect that relatively low cost-of-living is a big part of it. :)

Great to hear about the plans for the two books, I'll not bug you about them anymore and consider this the final word unless we hear otherwise. :)

DamonO said...

Hurt your wrist? Please, please don't let it be your drawing wrist.

In in Houston, and it was near freezing last week, and we're in the 70s today. Texas weather!