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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love thy neighbor...unless he's played a gay guy.

Here's some of your loving Christians. Nice.....

I don't care that these are the frindge minority. You Christians need to get your act together and either distance yourselves from them or kick them to the curb, publicly.

He's evil because he played a homosexual in a movie. This is just beyond stupid.


Morbius1313 said...

I agree. This is very Stupid. And he's not the first well known actor to prtray one, so why single him out? And why over the "Gay" role?
And...He isn't a real homosexual, But...It's like tey wish he were, in order to make their "Sacred rage" More viable.
Like wishing snipes were real before you go hunting.
What about all the twisted psychotic blah blah blahs..?
Things are getting outta hand.
Watch, next year, you'll be condemend as a vile creature for reading horror novels or Sci fi.
Just watch.

Brett said...

LOL! I'm with you there. I really want to draw/work on a book that gets banned and boycotted. I'm lucky enough to be hated already that would just be a bonus!



Anonymous said...

That is disgusting. What is even more disgusting is anyone in this day and age who has not taken the five minutes to research the WBC and find out that they are not supported or endorsed by any Christian groups, probably because they don't believe or practice Christian doctrine. In fact mainline churches are usually the ones who put a stop to their antics when they show up to protest funerals. There are some great stories about Fred Phelps and his hate mongering horde being thwarted by the Bikers for Christ motorcycle groups. Nothing is better than seeing a born again Christian decked in leather breaking a "God hates fags" sign over his tattooed head. The sad thing is the WBC is composed mainly of two families and has about 30 active members (they love to exaggerate their membership to the press.) Foolish press and bloggers play right into their hands when they give them coverage or post info about them. Phelps and his kin live off of attention, thye love to promote controversy, and they like nothing better than to misrepresent themselves as speaking for all Christians. Don't feed their evil.

Remember I can put on a Brownie Scout outfit and try to sell cookies, but that doesn't make me a girl scout. I would be an imposter. Jesus says true Christians will be known by if they show love and compassion as the fruits of their labors. Practice a little discernment and see if these bozos pass the test.

Brett said...

That's the problem Steve, we have to research anything to find the truth now and people don't have the time or the skills to do it. Jess knew exactly who it was when I showed it to her. BUT. once again I don't see any vocal Christian opposition to this. These guys need to be denounced (and since they have that great reputation with protesting Soldiers funerals some state have even made laws against protesting at funerals, which is techniquely violating the first amendment but these guys are so fricken insane EVERYONE will look the other way) Some Christian group needs to start 'policing' these fringe groups for the public.

As for giving them press. I would have to say report it so people can see what they are trying to do but don't interview them just interview there opponents. Eventually they might get the hint that they are a laughing stick and cut it out.

Oh and it should say minority not majority, I have to fix that. I was looking for typos not incorrect words. Bad penciler, bad!