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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dresden Files Stormfront Vol2 #3 pages 1-5

Here are the first 5 pages I did of The Dresden Files: Stormfront Volume 2 #3. These have NOT been given final approval so they might change a bit.

I hope I got most of it right, I sort of winged the power stuff on the last page, trying to show his shield bracelet filling space in the elevator was ... difficult. But on the plus side I did get to draw that scorpion;)




Unknown said...

Looks good! Who is coloring?

Derek Ruiz said...

I haven't decided yet.

Anonymous said...

Why come you haven't :-(

Baron said...

The art is fantastic ;O)

I think a good Option for Brett´s art would be Adrew Dalhouse.

Joe Rawlings said...

Looks great so far. Can't wait for it to be done so I can buy it.

By the way Brett, don't forget that Harry always wears a ring (forget which hand)... It'll come up later.

Keep up the incredible work.


Brett said...

Hi all,

I've been either out of town, sick or hurt this last week. Oy!

Hopefully I'll have some more news about the particulars of the Dresden stuff.

Joe, I'm not sure if his ring/s are mentioned in the first book, he doesn't use them even in the second so I'll change it if they ask but since they haven't been drawn yet I'm guessing it's OK to loose them for the moment:)

I just finished up Foolmoon and don't really remember them in the second book. Maybe just a mention but he doesn't do any of that fancy magic stuff with them:)