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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Megaraptor

We finally have a bit of a handle on this type of dino. It turns out the allosaurs split off into 2 groups, the Carcharodonotsaurs and this other group that included Megaraptor, the Neovenators.

More commissions tomorrow, just need to scan the Cowboys part 2, the Joker, and Supergirl and WonderWoman. I only have a few more to do so I'm trying to power through and get them all done this week. I believe I have Pumara from the Tcats and Indiana Jones being chased by a T. rex (I'll have to confirm this is still what is wanted.)

I saw Wolverine, pretty good. better than X-men 3 that's for sure. Transformers 2 SUCKED BALLS! I fell asleep twice. I also saw Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog.... Fricken LOVED it!




Baron said...

Sounds really good ;-)

can´t wait to see the Commissions, especially the Wonder Woman and Supergirl...



DamonO said...

Do the cowboys first!

Michael Finn said...

Can't wait to see the other half of that Western...your Western characters rocked!!! Any chance of some medieval characters after the Western Brett?

midnite00 said...

Heh, you fell asleep. I disliked the first movie to much to watch a second one. For me the movies are just done wrong to begin with. They are focusing on the human characters when the cartoon was all about the robots. They looked like giants in the first movie alright, it was hard to tell what I was looking at because the perspective was from the human eye. Ahhh, the complaints of a fanboy.

And don't let me get started on Deadpool in Wolverine Origins (That whole movie was...confusing from a comic fan perspective). But it was better than X3, yeah.