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Friday, February 5, 2010

Captain America Movie

I'm not a Captain America fan, he's far to blah for me, to good, to perfect. Sort of like Superman Lite. Anyways they are just about to cast the lead in the new movie. If Marvel does it right and makes some interesting changes it might be good. SO who would you want to see as Cap? I had thought about Sam Worthington of Avatar fame but someone on Scifi Wire mentioned Captain Awesome from Chuck. I think that would be a great choice, and might be able to capture a bit of the magic that Iron Man did. At least we know Cap. Awesome can do comedy;)

Anyways I did a quick sketch with a slightly modified costume yesterday. Enjoy!



Warmaiden said...
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Warmaiden said...

Cap! I love him even if he is all bland and stuff. I'm glad Roger's is back from the dead, although, his return was less than stellar.

My choice is Sam Worthington as well, hands down. I would bet that he is going to be cast. In Avatar he showed that he can be all weak and skinny, while in Terminator he showed that he can be all heroic and buff-like, plus he has the every man look plus the acting abilities to don the shield.

Warmaiden said...

Kevin Mckidd would be my second choice.

SWB said...

I nominate Cole Hauser as Steve Rogers.

- Shane

Brett said...

I think Cole might be a bit to old now. But he'd make an interesting Grifter;)