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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Interview/podcast with me at Green Lantern Corps!

This was done over the phone so I'm not sure how the sound quality it. My connection is crap today or I'd check. Tell me if I sound like an ass.



M.O.R said...

Its a really interesting interview, kinda wish it wouldda gone on a bit longer. Not your fault, I know, but then you were more than likely really busy.

Its funny when listening to it, because at 25.46 or so you can hear a dog making a noise, and then someone in the background shouts "Hey, shut the hell up!"

Its an interesting interview, and you don't sound like a jerk, but ya do sound very tired.

Take care.

steve said...

Sounded good to me. Like MOR said the part where you yell at the dog is funny. The interviewers don't comment on it, and it isn't clear who you are yelling at; sounds like maybe you have Tourettes.


Brett said...


I'd just finished up Larfleeze and was still recovering;) I did 12 pages in a week to get that to ship on time. Took me awhile to recover;)

That would be Jess yelling, the dogs were pretty good but they can only keep quite for so long or they will explode;)


Next time I'll mention the dogs so they know who I;m yelling at but the Tourette thing had me rolling!