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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

JLA news

A reject image from 54, I liked Wonder Woman but hated the rest, so I redid the panel. UGH I hate when that happens. Anywho, it looks like I'll be on JLA through the summer, which is cool, so I guess you could say I'm the regular JLA artist for now. 

Just thought you should know! And yes, that is the Hall of Justice in the background. I kept saying Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice while I was drawing this;)




Nessie Knows said...

Thats awesome, I havent picked up JLA and now I have reason again.

Alexis Logan said...

But are members of the classic "Super Friends" re-imagined in a new version? I always thought it would be cool to Justice League: Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Flash, Firestorm, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkwoman more "humble fakes" Apache Chief, El Dorado, Black Vulcan, Samurai and Wonder Twins only that more hardcore versions of these past such as the "Ultimen" Justice League Unlimited ... type suddenly could be: Superman, Batman, Red Robin / Tim Drake, Aquaman, Flash / Wally West, the new Firestorm, post-Brightest Day, Cyborg Victor Stone, Martian Manhunter, Ion / Kyle Rayner, Hawkman Carter Hall and Hawkwoman Shyera Hall and the "new members" Long Shadow, Juice, Kaze Ryuu , Shifter and Downpour someone from a country not so jaded of the South American descendants of the Inca or Aztec or Mayan inspired in El Dorado that would be one, illusionist magician with power to create materials illusions so perfect that cause damage to opponents as if they were real it would also be invisible and be a telekinetic telepath and psycho teleporter, powerful and could have even a less ridiculous version of the blue monkey perhaps a baboon, orangutan, chimpanzee or lion tamarin giant empowered Shifter bathing suits or less like the "Golden Oozarus" from Dragon Ball Z that he would become a "mega pumped" giant ape with style powers super strength, super speed, super-psychic senses, healing factor hyper-accelerated, claws and fangs etc would have a mental link with the twins who commanded telepathically as a "silent weapon" hearing and seeing through their eyes and ears and it would be anything but comical. I love both the Justice League Unlimited and Super Friends and would love to see the characters I love and who made my childhood. I know that I traveled and talked a load of crap now Brett but our imagination until proof to the contrary is the one thing they all have the same way that it is free and is 100% democratic so absurd if I said I'm sorry ... the Hall of Justice and enumerable me back happy memories ... Finally whatever the team that comes, I'll love ...= D

Tomasz Cieryt said...

Hi Brett

I was reading some old WildCore issues. Noticed some things.

Were you putting pictures of your dogs in the background. In the first issue page 3 there is a picture of a dog on the bus.

In Issue 2, Janine the computer tech lady working for PSI has a a dog in a Bjorn, pretty weird thing to see I must admit.

Also is Vigor based on you, in one of the pages he is making models of dinosaurs?

DamonO said...

Congratulations on being chosen regular artist on Justice League. Those of us who enjoyed your work on Wildcore can now see you drawings DC's flagship superhero team. How cool is that?

Brett said...


I just draw what they tell me to. I have no input on the stories. I'd actually like to do a Wally West Flash series, but for now I'm cool with JLA:)

Thanks Nestor and Damon:)


Yep, I used to draw the dogs in the background. I haven't done it in awhile for some reason, but I do still put dinosaurs in there:)

Janine is actually based off Jess so it's not really all that strange;)

Vigor is not based on me (I have brown hair) he's actually not even my character, Sean Ruffner came up with him, we just made him a paleontologist because we couldn't think of anything else:)



Alexis Logan said...

What is this Brett who am I to even dare think that I dare to tell you how and what to draw? I just wanted to say I am very happy with the fact that drawing the Justice League and I hope you have every success in the world ^ ^