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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Circus of the Damned in May

Written by Laurell K. Hamilton & Jess Booth
Pencils by Ron Lim
Cover by Brett Booth
FROM BESTSELLING AUTHOR LAURELL K. HAMILTON: A new series of vampire attacks have kept Anita’s hands full. This time, it seems that this is the work of a pack of vampires instead of a lone predator – and they’ve been after Anita for the name of the Master of the City, but she won’t give up Jean-Claude. But will protecting Jean-Claude cost her something more dear?
32 PGS./Mature ...$3.99


EclairDuVerite said...

Hello ^^

Its been quite awhile sinceI've been to your blog. Is so good to see your doing Anita Blake stuff again, if i remember correctly you were having problems with marvel about it.
I'm curious because here in Australia theres been issues getting the Anita Blake comics so i cant tell but are you only doing cover art or are you working on the whole thing now?


Crow said...

I really wish you would do more Anita work. I miss it. Now, when I read the books, I imagine Anita how you drew (draw) her. I hope you see this comment. Can't wait to see how you draw other characters. The only one I never cared for was Edward. I see him more muscle, sort of like Brad Pitt.