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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Justice League of America #54 preview!

 This ships tomorrow so be sure to check it out!




Cynical Nerd Rage said...

Not to sound like I am dissing your work but this stuff you've been doing at DC is your best work yet sir.
Just a question if you have time to answer. Did DC come to you or did you go to them with a story idea? I ask because I remember you saying You were done with super heroes.

Any way - love what you've been doing.

Brett said...

Thanks James,

Glad it's coming across that way. 55 and 56 are better looking than 54. Norm, Andrew and I have gotten into a nice groove:)

I emailed DC after I left Dynamite. Eddie Berganza emailed me back about an hour later and I was working on some backups the next week. I wasn't planning on going back to the superheroes, but I was getting the bug to do some DC stuff after watching all those animated movies they do. So when everything kept falling apart on the books I wanted to work on with the Dabel's and Dynamite, I decided to try the mainstream again. I wanted to work on some things that were fun and wouldn't drive me insane. Unfortunately James Robinson has decided that the JLA should be done like a crisis book and now I'm going insane for other reasons, but it's a good insane;)