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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green Lantern Trailer and Awesome Rap Battle Video!

I will admit that the first trailer for this was... bad. But this looks like a whole mess of fun!

This was just fricken great!

Sorry I don't have anything new to post image wise. I'm working on some new character designs and JLA 57 right now, but I can't show you that stuff yet:(




steve said...

Love the epic battles. Hitler vs. Vader is just so silly. Awesome stuff.

Brett said...

Hi Steve,

I watched the Hitler vs Vader one. I didn't like it as much. Mayne because I'm not a big Star Wars fan. All the science stuff in this one was spot on and the guy playing Hawkings was perfect! I had just watched a show with him on it about black holes last week.:)

I did like Hitler on that one though. Vader was just weak.