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Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Sunday, IRONY be thy name!

At least for this first one. A fantasy church service is being spat upon by another fantasy church service. I guess only some people are allowed to dress in funny clothes. It might actually make church fun, but we can't have that since we're too busy trying to force our religion down everyone's throat.

And here is a 'parody' of that Friday viral video. Why am I posting that? Because it's a parody about going to Church, what fun! Really I though this was just so bad it was good, so I'm not sure if they're serious or just having a laugh (the rap makes me think the latter.) I included all the comments and stuff because it really wasn't that bad. Some people can take anything to the extreme. I just listened to it again;D

And Finally I was sent this by Jerry, it's an Atheist 'Bible'. Not sure how I feel about this. I think taking bits from some great thinkers as a way of being exposed to some people you might never have heard of is great, as long as it's whole passages and not stuff that's simply quote mined to make a point. On the other hand, I don't like being told this is what every Atheist should read, since most of that kind of stuff bores the shit out of me. It's too dry and facty for my reading pleasure. I can't read Dawkins anymore for that reason. So to sum up, I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, so eh.

Sorry about last week, our generator died and could not be resurrected, even after three days;) And Jess dies a little inside when she can't have the computer all the time so I let her have it while I worked. Do I go to the special hell for that, working on Sunday?




Cryostar1177 said...

Who would have thought that Australia would be the poster child for intolerance in the world. Between this and internet filtering and banning all fall they've fallen.

steve said...

The Aethist Bible (which A.C. Grayling points out it really isn’t what the book is) sounds interesting. I may give it a read if the library gets it in. Like most religions, humanism is really sort of “good advice.” Basically all religions say this is what is good and this is what is bad, now do the good and avoid the bad.

If you do the good you are in, if you can’t or don’t you are one of the bad people and you are out. It kind of becomes a system, very similar to pop psychology self help. I guess that is why Religion has always frustrated me. Either you are able to do the good, and you feel morally superior to those who don’t live up to your standard or you are depressed and frustrated because you aren’t able to meet the moral standards you’ve set for yourself. Even in Christianity you find people who either greatly or minimally fall into a religious way of trying to relate to God.

The Friday/Sunday video thing just is totally off my radar. The neighbor kids talk about these songs and singers and I know I’m old. I’m always like why don’t you listen to the Cure, or U2, the Beatles, heck even Led Zepplin, you won’t be embaraased of your music collection in 15 years, but they love Justice Beaver and Britney Spears or whoever the radio is playing. I’m so glad that when cds came out I tossed my cassettes and don’t have a bunch of Europe, Roxette, Wham, and other embarassaing 80’s bands in my music collection for others to judge me by.

Fatboy73 said...

Hey!What's wrong with Wham?They had some great tunes that can still get my toes a tapping.And if someone has a problem with that,then I'll bust out my Slayer,Hatebreed and lamb Of God CD'S for inspiration and kick their butts. ;) :)

Brett said...


It is funny. I know most people 'down under' aren't like that. They did elect an Atheist to run their country.


Agree with you on pretty much everything except the cassettes. Fuck them if they don't like what you like. Listen to what you want to! Wham rules as does Roxette! I never really was into the hair bands as a kid, but as I get older I find myself liking different types of music. From ABBA to Souixie and the Banshees. I've mellowed on Pink Floyd (I used to hate them) and I like David Bowie now. Queen still rules. Never be ashamed if you like music, it's art and everyone's taste differs.... Except for that Beaver kid, he's a prick and his music is worse than the Friday song, insipid and childish. He's 16 not 12.

Rock on Fatboy, rock on!



steve said...

ABBA and Souixie are classics. I don't know why ABBA is great but Roxette is not to me.

Music is so subjective, except for the pop crap kids listen to today, that is definitely bad.

Fatboy rock on. Speed metal never really did much for me but I like some Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, and Anthrax. I'm weird.

Fatboy73 said...

There's such a diverse potpourri of music out there why not experience all of it that you can.I can honestly say that I have music I can enjoy from almost every genre(even gospel GASP!)The only Genre I honestly say I can't listen to(and I've tried) is Techno.Not saying it Isn't a perfectly valid for of music,I simply cannot sit and listen to it.