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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teen Titans 100 pinup tease

Just a bit from that pinup to quell the masses for a bit;)




Mark said...


Damn you draw a good Bart Allen. As if it wasn't already hard enough waiting for the book, now I am assured that you have a great handle on my favorite character, and it makes me want to see it all even more.

steve said...

I love how much fun you are having with this. I'm glad DC found a way to make drawing super heroes a joy again for you.

Has Capt. Marvel been shown to be part of the new DC? Would he be a teen hero?


M.O.R said...

Always said Brett was a tease! ;)

On a serious note, this is really cool, I love the hints of a character's personality.

Cheers. Cannot wait to see more of this.