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Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Sunday is a bit raunchy;)

A very funny and NSFW video of part of a Billy Connolly show. I do love this guy, he always makes me laugh. "Never trust people who only have one fucking book!" Awesome!

And then there is this. An actual scientist took the Creation 'science' and applied it to the Dinosaurs on Noah's Arc. Turns out that Creationist have proven evolution! Thanks, now can we please stop arguing  about it!




Fatboy73 said...

Funny as all get out and related to the Dinosaur/Noah's ark thing.

TheORKINMan said...

It's kinda ridiculous. Seriously I go to Church every freaking Sunday and believe in God. I also have a degree in Political Science and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics so I am not an uneducated individual. The thing is I UNDERSTAND that my belief is not rational or explainable. The Bible dosn't effing say God popped life and animals out of thin air. It just says he created them in some time period and is utterly silent as to the manner in which things were created. The Bible isn't meant to be an astrophysics instruction manual from God which is why it is so utterly stupid that they try to argue with science on the matter.

Fatboy73 said...

The thing is I UNDERSTAND that my belief is not rational or explainable

You score an automatic 100 point in the respect category for that statement.You are one of the very few
Christians I have ever heard say those words and that in my mind makes you completely rational :D

TheORKINMan said...

Of course. I don't see anything in the Bible that is contradictory with what we are exploring and discovering in the universe because the Bible is absolutely silent as to the mechanisms which with things were created. It's also silent on aliens and a whole mess of other topics because it's not a User's Guide to the Universe. It's a book about the human condition and a historical account from the perspective of the ancient Jewish people and early Christians. I personally like my church because my pastor talks about things Christianity is meant to deal with and not about how animals popped into existance from nothing when a giant hand came out of the sky and teleported them in.

steve said...

I'm not a huge fan MCS (Modern Creation Science), it is kind of funny that MCS followeres state you have to believe their way to be Biblical, and then uninformed Neo-Darwinists believe none of the MCS claims except for that they speak for most Christians.

So you end up with a small section of Creationists arguing with all these Evolutionists. It just gets more and more abstract the longer the Neo-Darwinists argue. So you see absolutely silly articles like this which prove nothing except the Evolunists ignorance of Christianity in general.

Why offer a counter argument to a distortion of the Bible and in this case what MCS believe? Why does no one want to argue the facts? I think it is because they want to win arguments not actually understand.

It is entertaining, but not enlightening.


Brett said...


I agree with Fatboy, very refreshing!


Um... you don't ever actually state any facts... you simply say things have been falsified and then provide no evidence for that.

Many, many 'Evolutionists' were and are Christian. Just because they don't buy what you are selling (and I'm still very unclear on what that is since you never actually say exactly what you believe and seem to be constantly sidestepping that) does not make them ignorant. But you know what why bother reading MORE about something that is so easily falsifiable? Why waste time on that? Sure I don't know Lots wife's name or who was on the arc, since it didn't happen why should I care?

And when over half a population spews the same ignorance that the MCS says? That's not a 'small section'. Sorry Steve, not buying it.