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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teen Titans 1 signing pictures!

Norm (left,) Scott (middle,) and Brian Buccellatto (right,) at their signing a few weeks ago for the Teen Titans and Flash 1 release. Thanks to David Hatfield for sending me the pictures of not only the signing but of a few sketches Scott and Norm did:)

Norm can do some great work all on his own:) Can you see who Norm's influence in this image is? Hint: it's not George Perez..

Scott's style had a vaguely South Parkian look to it... Blame Canada! 

Thanks again David! I hope everyone there had a great time!

And for you Wally West fans a quicky interview I did for Speedforce about Wally:)

And no Rich, I have no new news to report on him, I'm just a big fan;)




geogerus said...

It was a great signing, Love the Bunker sketch Norm drew for me

Javi Trujillo said...

Great interview! I hope someday we can see you and your ideas on a true Wally West Flash book! I can't tell you how much losing all the hard character development work that has gone into Wally has soured me on the relaunch!

David said...

That was a really fun signing. And you're welcome, Brett! It was my pleasure to be able to make sure you were there vicariously.

Also, when are we going to see the #5 cover for Teen Titans!? I got a nice, big sneak peek at the signing, and I can't wait to see it finished!!!


steve said...

Wow, Norm draws just like John Byrne!

Tim Harrison said...

Is this at the Comic Bug?