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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Teen Titans 5 cover! Speed Forcie!

Only one more issue until Bart gets his new costume! 




BluePrint said...

Coooool. Is that Tim's old robin outfit?

Brett said...

Part of both of them;) Plus some night vision goggles and a yellow scarf:)



Mark said...

Hah! I saw this today at NYCC and I laughed out loud. The people next to masked why I was laughing cause we were far away from the projector. I said even from this distance that was definitely Bart running around in a Robin costume. Great cover by the way. Seeing it was one of the highlights of my time at the show.

David said...


You know how I feel Brett. ;)

You're the best. Bart's the best. Together, the two of you are my heaven.

tony said...

Well even though your not my heaven lol,I still think your work is all kinds of awesome.

Read the solicit today,seems SB does indeed trash cassie,and is ready to trash the rest in issue 5.

I love that bart is still loaded with humor in the new DCU,and I also love how badass superboy is now.

Great first issue BTW.

Brian said...

I know that I have been at times critical of the Titans designs, but this right here?


Brett said...

Thanks Mark! It's my favorite cover so far:) Bart is just a blast!

Glad you like it David!


Cassie gets trashed in issue 4 and then again in issue 5... not her arc;) Bart allows me to just have fun, if I can't get a Wally series, I want a Bart one!


thanks I do appreciate it!



Mark said...

Hey Brett, can you post the cover pencils? I always like when you do that?