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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bunker stuff...

Over on DC's blog is a short post about Bunker. Over on Bleeding Cool is a short post about Bunker's ass. SOOOOOOOOO Funny! Made my week! And this is a page from issue 5 of Bunker going toe to toe with Superboy... who's ass isn't on this page. But it is on pages 13, 16 and 17 of that issue... so watch for it;P



Hmmm.... maybe I should change the name of the post... 


S said...

im glad we're seeing more of bunkers ass. the bigger the better. LOL. Also some love for Conner and Cassie ass too please.

steve said...

Awesome artwork, not real sure what the hub bub with Bunker is. It is like comics are afraid of a gay character who acts gay.

Happy Turkey day!

Brett said...


Those are SB's butt stats for issue 5. I'll have to check on bunker;P


Yeah, it's not over the top, yes his costume isn't exactly great, that's part of his charm. His Mom made it!

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving:)



Anonymous said...

I made sure when I colored that page, that his butt would look extra plump.

Anonymous said...

Brett, you draw the hottest guys and even at times when I haven't appreciated anything else about a book, you gave me that. Thank you!

fanboi said...

Any chance you'll release one of your costume/character designs for Bunker - and give us a good picture of the character? Who's Who style (like the encyclopedia style entries that have a solo standing posed shot)?

I'd really like to add Bunker to the LGBT superlist - but I need a pic of him in costume and nothing published yet works.

Brett said...

Thanks Steve! I try:)

fanboi, send me an email. I don't have a Whos' Who like image of him. one was never done. But I do have this page colored. He's always doing something or with someone so there just isn't a standing shot if him yet.



fanboi said...

I'm not finding an e-mail contact at this site... I'll send you a twitter message.