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Thursday, December 29, 2011

EEP! I forgot! Teen Titans 4 came out yesterday!

Here are the pencils for that last DPS of issue 4. It's easily my favorite issue to ship so far. Frostbite begone! 

Also here's an interesting thread on Atheism in the DC Universe. I would have said it wouldn't be possible with all the gods wondering around but this thread changed my thinking a bit. Interesting reasoning. 




cartoonboy09 said...

does everyone look happy and excited on purpose? Those Titans are sick kids. LoL

tony said...

This issue was awesome,you all did a great job.superboy looked dominant,as he should.

Scy said...

Tim Drake is my favorite DC Character and your art is my favorite representation of him i've seen since picking up Robin's first mini series.

can't wait til next issue.

steve said...

Are there any other DC new 52 titles with this amount of fun and humor?

I love the combination of action and teen antics.

It cracks me up that Kid Flash's costume looks more ridiculous every time he modifies it (I hope that is intentional.)

Awesome stuff when does the first trade hit?

S said...
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S said...

Just wanna say this is the first issue that I really saw how solstice look and i think she looks perfect. I love the way you guys added the blue to her and I like that she has this really happy smile.
On another note, I just realised Bart will be wearing a thicker mask from your sketches as compared to the one that he wore in issue one. Is that change permanent? I kinda like the issue one's mask on the cover though.

M.O.R said...

Really great stuff here Brett.

Lots of detail and alot going on, but still remains focussed.

Regarding the topic of atheism within the does come down to a very clever writer being able to explain it, because in the hands of a bad writer, the results could be disastrous.
What I mean is that a clever writer could articulate why it is said character is an atheist, whereas a bad writer would not possess such skills.

I mean, back in the days of John Byrne writing Superman, and when Grant Morrisson wrote All-Star Superman, both writers made Lex an atheist. John Byrne, being an Atheist himself, understood what it means to have no faith in a supernatural entity (I always feel that people who say they have 'no-faith' when referring to their Atheism sell themselves short. Surely they have faith in themselves and their abilities?).
Now I know some would see the villain Lex, and the Atheist Lex, and see evil=villain, but then they ignore the business man Lex who became a billionaire through sheer will and intelligence. But then again, Atheists get a hard time as it is, so people missing the point would not be anything new.
So it can be justified by an intelligent writer,as Byrne and Morrisson both did.