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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Original Bunker designs.

Originally Bunker, AKA Migs, AKA M.A.G. (or Mega Arm Guy) was going to transform into a monster guy. But we scrapped this

Next we were going to try and make him look more like a hugely muscled guy with the skin removed. But we already had 2 strong characters so we scrapped this.

We went back to the monster thing, with this being his final form.

Partially transformed here.

Scott didn't like the spikes so I took them off. He still got scrapped, too much like Bugg... or Skitter.

I'm starting Teen Titans 7 today. So I'll hopefully have a sneak peak in the few day!




cartoonboy09 said...

I wonder if he'll end up looking like Armor from X-Men{astonishing}

Brett said...


Nope, we scrapped the whole idea. Scott wanted to do bricks so we did bricks.

I'm not familiar with the X-men after 2000 so I don't know who that is, but I did a few pages in the original Astonishing X-men mini:)



Belmonte said...

They are interestting dessings.
Could you show some of Solstice's and Skitter's original dessings please?
I can't wait till next issues.
Thanks for reading and have a good day ^^

fanboi said...

good thing you changed concept - he'd have looked too much like the X-Men's gay lizard boy - Anole - whose limbs grow back - stronger.