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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

G.I. Combat #1 cover!

Cover Andrew Dalhouse and I did for G.I. Combat. The big read dino is a Torvosaurus, no they didn't get that big but it's a comic book;P Will I be doing more dinosaurs at DC? You betcha!




steve said...

Great, now I got to start buying more books just for their covers.

Wesley Highbarger said...

So does the part about you drwing more dinosaurs mean that your doing art for this comic? Or are you just doing some covers?

Brett said...

Sorry about that Steve, but I couldn't not do it.


I'm just doing covers for it. If I had time I might see about drawing a story but I don't have time. Besides TT will have some dinos shortly.



Dylan said...


I am getting this just for the Dinosaurs.......and your covers :P

....mostly the Dinosaurs....

Great Job Again Brett!


Belmonte said...

Awesome cover. And it would be cool to see more dinosaurs.

ilTassista Marino said...

WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!! stored this in my HD --- changing the file name to credit the author, of course.

Mars Will Send No More said...

What I want is Brett Booth and this colorist doing a full length story like "Age of Reptiles."

No humans, no aliens, just rampaging Dinosaurs in glorious Booth style.