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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Renegade!

I'm a bit burned out right now. This issue of TT is really hitting me hard. So I took a little break last night. And updated a character I created for a creative writing project in high school, The Renegade. I can't remember the story... I THINK, it had a vampire as the bad guy... or that was something else... Anyways, I did up a 16 pg story, penciled and inked it. I even sold a few copies of it. Some other character I created in high school and have actually seen print? Alea and Brawl from Wildcore. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!




Caine said...

Yo Joe!
I always liked BRAWL, from the first time I saw him on the last page of that WILDSTORM summer showcase type book that came out soft bound, to when he started chasing Backlash in WILDCORE.

Alch said...

After seeing that, i'm thinking you should do the Red Tornado redesign. (This could be it!)

jimboy said...

I think Brett can redesign any character and make them look cool (though I'm not a fan of a character having a letter on their chest.)

Who is the silliest DC character Brett should redesign? I was going to say Mr. Terrific, but he has already been done. Killer Moth?-seriously What is up with that costume? Blue Devil? Blue Beetle? Booster Gold? Angel and Ape? Detective Chimp?