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Monday, May 28, 2012

Some more sketches for the Phoenix Con!

 WonderWoman! Jess wanted me to do one:)

Red Robin.... yuuuummmm!

And the always popular Batgirl!

Con was a blast, they treat you like a KING.. or a QUEEN, depending... but a great show to go to! 




Dave Irwin said...

So which one are you? A King or a Queen? ;)

Incredibly AMAZING sketches, as usual!!! You are most definitely one of my favorite artists in the comic book realm! :)

Brett said...

If I could dance, maybe a Dancing Queen;)

Otherwise, too much work to go out! I'm a simple guy, jeans or shorts and a t-shirt:) I hate dressing up!

And thanks!



Neil Jorge said...

These are breathtaking... awesome wish I had been there. Is there any way I can get you to email me brett to ask you about a charity called Comics 4 A Cure?... there's a blogspot on it

Please check it out and email me if you can... One of my all time favorites since Backlash.

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future artist said...

sweet pics but im really looking forward to that Captain Atom sketch.
since looking for him on google images doesn't quite cut it

Kaden said...

Holy Cow! I love your work. I get ESPECIALLY excited whenever I see new 52 Wonder Woman sketches by you!!!! :-)