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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apparently it's Design Wednesday this week!

I didn't do the colors on this, looks like they added more gold than I did, I like it!

And then Earth 2 number 3 ships today. In it, is the Baddie I got to design for it! A favorite of mine! His name is just fun to say!

And then one in pencil so you can see the detail work. I did do the colors for this... sorry.

OK, now I'll try to answer some of the comments on the other posts!




Metal Woman said...

Love the Blue Devil design.

Dave Wiz said...

I was so pumped when I saw the designs earlier! And I didn't realize you did Solomon Grundy's design for Earth 2! It turned out great in the book!

LMPjr007 said...

Great redesign on Grundy and Blue Devil. I have to wait and see what the Black Lightning looks like in color.

Unknown said...

So how many of these have you done so far?

Wesley Highbarger said...

I saw your artwork for Blue Devil and Black Lightning and i analyzed them for a few minutes and then I just thought that your design for them is awesome, good job. Question: Is there any chance of seeing a Blue Design without the color?

ilTassista Marino said...

Blue Devil is really awesome! ha! to redesign super-heroes is one of the greatest joys for a comic artist, I think.

M.O.R said...

REally enjoying these, really well done. Saw Robson Rocha's gonna be drawing these, and his work looks really cool. Completely different style to yourself, but has the same sense of 'energy', if that makes sense.
So it kind of 'fits'.

Anyway. Mind yourself.

Brett said...

Thanks Metal Woman!

Thanks Dave, I just did a few more designs for the Superman Annual this week as well!

Louis, I think there is a colored pic for the cover of DC Comics Presents 13. I think it's dark blue, light blue and yellow. Like his old one.

Unknown, for other books, somewhere around 12 or so now. I don't have a colored version of BL, sorry.

dhr, Thanks! It's quite enjoyable... as long as they approve it;)

M.O.R., yeah he does some great work!