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Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Sunday is Rapturelicious!

I think I posted something like this before... anyways, The Rapture is ALWAYS funny!




Unknown said...

I love the post rapture messaging services.

"This message has been sent to you by your loved one, because the rapture did in fact happen and they are now in the loving arms of their heavenly father".

"Please be strong and do not worry about them...WORRY ABOUT YOUR SELF!!! You are about to go through literal hell on earth where you will most likely die a horrible excruciating death".

"Further if before you die you don't accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and thank him for the blessing of the apocalypse, your physical death will pale in comparison to the eternal tortures of Hell that will await you".

God bless and keep you. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
Your loved one

That is a BRILLIANT fucking scam and I'm pissed I didn't think of it.

Retrieverman said...

Would that InfoNotice Number be the Mark of the Beast?

Brett said...

Haha! I always love the fire an brimstone stuff, but then they leave with God bless you!

Scottie, I think that would work if they only planned to check back once;)



M.O.R said...

I thought this said Raptor-licious. I saw that before I saw the image, and was expecting a dinosaur.

I would honestly not be insulted if my pet, a hobo, or a gay couple got to go before me.
Not at all. It would be so awesome to see Fred Phelps try and explain that away...while he was left watching it happen, and going nowhere.