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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Sketch Saturday, it's girly but kinda super this week;P

Happy Sketch Saturday! This we I have 2 for you. 80's Colossus of the X-men.. 

..And New52 Supergirl!

Also a Batgirl from Teen Titans 15 (NOT for sale!)




Running w/ Cookies said...

I can't seem to find the email address to inquire about the sketches?


Please help.

Running w/ Cookies said...

My fail.

Not yours.

Running w/ Cookies said...

Found it.

Thank you.

Dallas said...

hey im new to your website and i love your artistic talent and You draw a hot supergirl!You are my second favorite artist... now first since Micheal turner died.RIP

I think you're the wrong person to ask but,is super girl and raven joining the teen titans?(rumor has it that they are)
well that it for me, ill try to keep in touch!
But not on Sundays because i usually don't have time between church and homework.:)

Brett said...

Thanks Dallas! Much Appreciated!

I know Raven will be in TT her first appearance will be 16 and she's on the cover to 17, but I don't know if she's joining the team.

I Scott wants SG to join but I'm not sure if that is happening. I'm out of the loop now so my info is limited.