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Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Sunday, yes you DO sound like a crazy person...

Found here!

If you're a religious person and want to know what you sound like to a non religious person here ya go!

I STILL can't believe ANYONE would be a mormon in this day and age!




M.O.R said...

Careful Brett, some extremist mormon's may read this, and you may find yourself receiving some unwashed stinky magic underwear in your post box. ;)

David Cross, the comedian and actor, did a stand up routine about Scientlogy, yet people seemed to ignore Mormonism, which was the Scientology of its day.
Or as South Park called it, "Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dummmmmbbbb"

The routine is at this link, and it is short, so you hopefully you can watch it on your web connection.

Take care.

Retrieverman said...

The only reason to be a Mormon is because if you were raised Mormon and you leave, they cut your ass off from your family.

There's a good documentary called "The Mormon Candidate." It's really quite scary if you leave. They have secret agents and spies who will follow you forever if you leave.

Retrieverman said...

Yesterday, I watched a clip on Youtube of Dawkins discussing the Devil with people who believe in the actual Devil. One asshole said the best evidence for the Devil was Hitler, because only the Devil could make someone do all the bad things he did.


So even Hitler can say "The Devil made me do it!"

Anonymous said...

Brett im a christian but have no Problem that you are a Atheist, im a artist and i respect you as one, i loved your new 52 wonder girl redesign by the way.

what i have a problem with is that you choose to come on here every sunday and bash religon of all types. yes you are absolutly free to do as you wish, but WHY would you choose to do this, to bash, mock, and degrade things that millions of people hold truly dear to there hearts. it shows exactly what kind of Inconsiderate, cruel, sad and despicable Personality you have deep down.
you can call me a troll if you wish but that doesnt change the truth.
you bash the religious for being intolerant of the non religious.
But now your the non religious choosing to be intolerant of the religious.

As a fellow Artist i Really truly am sadened that you wont choose to be better than this.

M.O.R said...

Hi MovieArtman,

Like you, I am a theist. I believe in a creative force, be it God or a celestial being named Nigel.

But I also believe in freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, and freedom to protect those you care for. And Evolution, too.

As a believer, Brett has never, ever insulted me. My faith and beliefs are my own, and if I believe that Brett has made an error in his research, I will inform him on this. Brett does post his opinions, which are influenced by his atheism, but you have to ask yourself, would you be so offended if Brett were spouting something that was pro Catholicism/ Mormonism/ Protestantism/ Judaism/ Buddhism etc? Personally, I would be far more offended if he insulted any member of my family. I honestly would never visit the boards again.
But insulting God or religion? I am totally okay with that. He has a freedom to do so, not just on his own blog, but on this whole planet.

Brett knows that not every member of most religions are crazy, but the one's who seem to command an authority, or demand authority, often are. And they are the one's many of us, believer or no, often protest against.

If he really were anti-religious, would he allow many who post here to do so? Would he allow you to do so?
Especially when, in your post above, you did the old 'bait and switch' i.e. compliment Brett's work, and then go on to insult his character. Personally, I find that to be far more 'Inconsiderate, cruel, sad and despicable'. Imagine how you would feel if he said the same thing as you based on your own religious opinions.

Brett said...


I bash for several reasons. The main reason is to point out to you that there are people who don't think as you do. By mocking and making fun I'm trying to get you to THINK that maybe some of the stuff you believe IS silly or disgusting or bad. By mocking and poking fun we embare-ass you, we make you think twice. Or that's the hope.

Honestly if you religious people (and yes you are all being lumped together usually, but I do single out Christians for this very specific reason) would remember that not EVERYONE follows your faith and so your faiths RULES should not apply to them. Unfortunately you Christians keep trying to ram your rules down everyone else's throats. You complain about Shira law but you are no better, forcing your crazy ideas on me when I want NOTHING to do with them. If you would keep these religious rules to yourself we wouldn't make fun. We wouldn't care. Do you hear me bitching about wiccan's? Not usually, they keep their religion to themselves.

So my cruel personality that wants EVERYONE to have equal rights, that wants everyone to have things like health care and food, things the rulers of you religion keep telling you to vote against, that's cruel to you? We're not trying to stone people or kill them for being gay. We just want you uber religious people to leave others the fuck alone. That's cruel? A few jokes and a billboards are offensive to you and make us evil? All the religious crap I have to hear on a daily basis is just something I have to put up with so YOU can feel better about yourself? Wow, I'm a total bully, you have shown me the way!

You don't understand what tolerance is. I tolerate your religion, I just ask that you don't force it on others. But you can't do that. You pass laws to force me to follow it. THAT is intolerant. I wish you religious people would actually learn what that word means.

I don't care if you're an artist or a fricken dog walker, and 'you're better than this' crap is yet another way of trying to get people to shut up so you can keep imposing your will on others. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Oh and thanks for the compliment before you decided to take me to task. I feel horrible letting you down like that;)

I've been a little lax with my bullying and mocking, I guess I'll have to do better next week!




Ugh, you get that I'm talking about the most extreme examples right? I thought I was pretty clear usually. Need more Christians like you. The martyr complex is getting old!



Anonymous said...
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M.O.R said...

Hey Brett,

There are actually alot more Christian/ Spiritual people out there like me, but the only thing is that most of them do not stand on a soap box saying 'respect people's beliefs' since they don't think they have to. They just expect any normal thinking person to share the same tolerance.
Unfortunately, they are not the kind of people who get elected or assume power.
(Bar Barack Obama, but look how long that took... Not perfect, but his upbringing gave him an idea of both sides of the belief argument.)