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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week Blue Bird!

Happy Sketch Saturday! This week an original character... we had pitched using him in Nightwing but was vetoed. Just as well, now I can do what I want with him!

And this is my redesign of Bronze Tiger. I don't know much but the people freaking out on the message boards are very funny and a little blind;)

OK, now to some other news! I will be very busy this month so I'm not sure about Sketch Saturdays. Helping out again on another book and finishing up this Nightwing issue plus I have a con to go to in Phoenix and I need to do some sketches for that... So if I do post stuff it will most likely be more things like Bronze Tiger and then any sketches I get done for the show!

Also, I'm talking to DC about maybe doing a sketchbook. So we'll see!




Unknown said...

Bronze Tiger looks awesome. I love your superhero work but I miss the pics like these. Keep up the incredible work. Take care.

Liquid Lead said...

Id like to see sketch book from you whether DC puts one out or not!