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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm going to Disneyland!

If you click on the image everyone dies!

Oh and that's not really me, I used a photo I found at and through wizardry and spooky powers, created the image you see here. Don't worry, no pencils were harmed in the making of this image, just all the people. They were eaten...well, I needed to feed my dogs, plus I was hungry (the little ones are REALLY good.)

In the hopes of putting me further behind schedule, Marvel and DabelBrothers are shipping me off to LA for the Wizard con. So I'll be at the con on Friday and Saturday. I'm supposed to sit in on a Marvel panel, so come and observe me stuttering and using big words that even I don't understand. Honestly I don't know what the panel is about and since I don't keep up with the world of comics I don't know what great nuggets of wisdom I can contribute. I'll be going to the LA museum of Natural History Saturday morning so I might be a tad late for whatever they have planned. I did a cover (and some sketches) for a sketch book and I think we'll have prints available too. I'll be happy to sign comics, books and anything you have laying around as long as the ink will show:)

I've been warned by Laurell K. Hamilton about some of her fans, and biting and licking were mentioned. I don't like biting, I'm very tender, but licking might be fun, just don't tell Jess. Seriously I have cooties so I'd stay back at lest ten feet. It's not the good cooties (you know the one without the claws) so I've very contagious. I'll be wearing some kind of shirt and pants, I'm not sure about shoes but since I've been informed I have ugly feet (I don't know how Jess can tell because all feet are ugly) I'll most like wear shoes... or maybe pumps, you know, to make my calves pop. Oh and maybe a badge that says 'Obey' or something equally clever, I'll have to think about that. Maybe just 'Do as I say.' I'm between 5 feet and 7 feet, I sometimes have glasses on, but sometimes I don't. I have sort of light dark hair. I'll have a short beard or would that be long stubble? I hate to shave. My turn ons are panties, (not to wear, I'm not weird) just to eat. My turn offs are of course feet and sheep. But I digress. I look forward to not looking up at you and of course hurting my back so you can have a signed comic. I also want to thank you in advance to whatever illness you will inflick upon me, you know who you are!

In all honesty I haven't done a panel in over 10 years so nothing to hard and no math, unless it's stuff easily divisible by 10. Only questions that I know the answers too will be answered and for the love of whatever deity you worship don't get me started on religion or dogs, I'll never go home.

Oh and before each signing I'll need everyones left shoe, not to keep just to make things difficult. Oh and I'll need In-and- Out. 2 Hamburgers mustard only and a order of fries, no shake, that must be procured from Carl's Jr. I'll also need some sort of posse. I need a big tough guy a hot babe that won't let me touch her and someone to laugh at my jokes. If you fit the bill email me.


Anonymous said...

Pretty funny. You should Photoshop out the pencil and put a person in your hand. Jess is right you have a weird sense of humor, but it is my kind of weird.

Brett said...

I thought of getting rid of the pencil but that just seemed like work!



i was wondering will you be at a booth - when/where

on saturday

other than the marvel panel - when/where

it seems every year i can't seem to find you

Brett said...

When I get the info I'll let you know. All I know about is the Marvel Panel on Friday. But if you go to the DabelBrothers table I'm sure they'll know my were abouts:)