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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Signing times

Brett will be signing at the Marvel booth from 4:00 to 5:00 on Friday and 2:00 to 3:00 on Saturday.

Now I'm doing a panel at 3 on Friday and I'm doing a signing/sketching or something like that, at the DabelBrothers table sometime on Saturday.

Anywho here's a quazi colored shot of a Neanderthal man. Some researchers theorize that the reason there a red haired caucasians is due to interbreeding with Neanderthals. That that's were the genes come from. It's a neat idea but we'll have to see were the DNA leads.

Click on the image yada, yada, yada.


Erik Sveinson said...


Its been a long time! Great to see you back online with a new site. In case you've forgotten me over the past couple of years, I was the one that commissioned the Tigra and Wilykit pieces. Been loving the Anita Blake stuff so far. Anyway, if you could contact me at it would be GREATLY appreciated. Look forward to seeing more new art..and I wish I could have made it to LA to meet you!

Erik Sveinson

Anonymous said...

so how was the show?


hey brett!

so what did they say about putting the og anita pic as an extra or on the back cover?

btw thankx again for the help but guess what?

i didn't go.

i guess its SDCC then

will you be at SDCC ? if so let us know here and on SDCC's site

also what do you think of that female backlash?

Brett said...

Show was small, which was good. Panel was a bit of a waste of time, not many people showed up (I guess I'm not the only one who isn't really interested in WW Hulk.) A few questions were asked about power levels? And Thor.

Not much pain from the flight which was pleasant. I still hate flying but Southwest has made a dramatic improvement from when I flew on it in 93.

Pic might get used, might not. It's out of my hands. The damn sketchbook was late and didn't show up until 3:30 Saturday. I sketched from then until 6:30 then went back to the hotel and sketched for another few hours. I'm not doing that again. I also got some stomache bug so thanks to whoever gave that to me.

The female BL is his daughter, which we actually predicted in Backlash #25. I'm not found of her outfit to much skin. Signed alot of BL and Wildcore, a few FF very few Extinction Event and no Thundercats or Darkness. I wish they would just kill him and Taboo off, so I don't have to worry about them screwing them up anymore than they have.

That's all for now. I'll have a new post soon, just need to scan:)

Brett said...

Sorry, no plan to go to San Diego right now.


hi brett,

i saw some pics from WWLA including yours from i think and it seems very kickback, i heard some like it because they didn't miss anything but yeah, seemed too kickback almost boring so now i don't feel as bad missing it

ww hulk don't care for it, don't even care for hulk

when was the last time you went to the la or sd cons,'93?

hell, i started to go to SDCC in '92

pic not used? that sux and the frikkin' sketchbook too?

isn't there a way to get it done before a convention? this including any publishing from any publisher?

what happened to get it done first then release it to the public?

remember the "see you in 30 days" at the end of an issue?

with those concerns no wonder i can't find you,

i ask around for you almost every 2 years at SDCC

will i ever have a chance to get my thundercats,darkness,wildcore and of coarse my backlash issues signed?

i'm hopeful that you might reconcider by having a table in artist's alley and no panels to go to, or better yet just tell us here and don't go on bussiness but to just meet fans

heck it works for tim sale every year

i understand what you mean by offing the characters but that's what happens when you hand over a character you created/ help make the character as one that people remember you for even though that was image/og wildstorm/ageis

personally i though it went down hill as soon as you put out that vacation special and kindred 2, i thought they sucked, i think the only reason i would keep them is because of the character and your artwork

please reconcider i'd like to see you in person


Brett said...

Small is fine, but Wizard said it would be big and that's why they asked me to go. I don't mind talking to fans:)

Last Con I went to on the west coast was 96 San Diego con.

We're still waiting on some stuff about the pic:)

The sketchbook was done, the airlines cancelled a bunch of flights and the sketchbook was on one of them (Sunday a whole bunch of flights were cancelled people were stranded until Tuesday.) Then UPS tried to deliver it to the hotel but everyone had gone to the con and so they had to wait until the driver got back and then go pick them up. Only one box of 8 was delivered. Not anyones fault just the weather, it happens.

Well comics used to be smaller, 16 pages so most artists could do a monthly.

I hadn't done a con since 99 or 2000.

I have tentative plans to go to SDCC next year. I don't do the artist alley thing. I don't go for the entire weekend and people always seem to move into your space if you don't go every day. And then they want sketches, which I don't really like to do.




wizard saying it would be a big con?

c'mon it's wizard! false prices, false hype! who ever pushes more money in front of them and sqeeze out the little guy

'96 SDCC, i heard you were there but couln't find you

ah, delivery and weather, that'll do it

1 can't believe how many people(myself included) didn't know or remember that comics were 16 pages of art back then to the 32 pages of art and story today

its like publishing 2 comics a month instead of 1 comic

no wonder alot of readers think that stories are being stretched out, i guess some writers are used to the 16 pages format and readers were used to that as well

so the transition from one way of storytelling to the other is a rough one for most, i think they should learn how to put more substance in those pages not more dialogue to compensate

its like which one do we want more:

more story and art(which costs more, double the cover price, 2 comics worth) or less with double the issues released on a timely basis

of course we want both

basicly 2 issues worth for every one or 1 issue worth for every 2 issues

man, you skip alot of cons

if i was you i'd just share a table with someone you like that you know will be there all week or just show up and ask someone to share with, i know it works for alot of creators

yeah, i admit that the free sketch thing is getting out of hand, it seems that alot of the con goers are not readers but people who buy a little of comics and merchandise for the whole year (that is why comic stores are getting less customers)

and want freebies and sketches so they can sell them later, its as if the sketches will even out their purchase of comics

man i'd love to have my comic shop give me free valuable sketches and freebies

i bet if their was a ban on those items attendance would drop

also i knew it was crimson?/jet, i haven't read it but was hoping it was her and not a different character, i wouldn't call it a prediction more like a continuation of a good idea, if they didn't think it was good they would have retconned it

going to SDCC next year? well, i'll be here for the announcement, so until then