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Thursday, March 22, 2007


I got this from Click on it to see it larger, really.

So the show was pretty small, I did some signing s and that Marvel panel. I was asked a whole 2 questions! I did finally get to meet the Dabel's in person, along with Derek, Matt and Sean. Matt is quite the character, the dynamics of the group is quite interesting. I got a stomach bug from someone so I didn't go out with them on Saturday. The fricken dinosaur section of the LA NHM was closed!!!! I was not happy.

One of the Marvel guys asked me to do a sketch as a prize for something or other so I did this up real quick, it's of Spider-man. This is the first sketchy thing I did at the con. It would not be the last. I did some JLA chick who's a magician. Fathom, a few Backlashes, a lot of Anita's and Jean-Claude's. Some guy who wore a costume, Black Canary, a Vamparella and Anita and various other characters. I got to come home and immediately do another cover for the Anita Blake special. So I'm trashed right now. Hopefully I'll get some stuff scanned. If your interested in original Anita art let me know Derek Ruiz is selling that stuff for me.

I did get to See Ryan Benjamin, Sandra Hope, Alex Garner, Sean Chen, Humberto Ramos and Ryan Otagawa. So that was nice. because I got sick I didn't get to go to In and Out so I'm REALLY pissed about that! Most of the Fans were nice (Hi Bree!) a few were a bit pushy about me doing shows for or near them. The fact is we're not completely set up for me to leave for long periods of time yet so until I am I'm not going to do anymore. I'm hoping to get set up later this year, but with me doing Anita and Palatine and commissions I don't know when that'll be. And if I do do another show I won't be doing anymore sketches, it just takes WAY to much out of me, I'm not a machine.

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shout to my homies humberto and sean

maybe i'll bring in and out burger for you at SDCC when i meet you