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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I see prehistoric people...

Actually this is about the the Yeti.

So I decided to watch Scifi's Destination Truth again. This was solely for this specific episode, it made the news last year when they 'discovered' supposed Yeti tracks. So I decided to give it a watch, there isn't anything new on right now and Monsterquest is still in reruns.

So they travel to Nepal (I think I was making dinner at the time. I didn't like this show before so it didn't have my undivided attention plus I was hungry and Jess wanted food..) They trek around this area that's a supposed hot spot for Yetis sightings. Ok sounds good. They bring thermal cameras, night vision cameras and a some neat little things. Still good. They trek in the mountains and one of their sherpa's says that a local monastery/temple has a Yeti scalp. Now right now I'm thinking this can't be the same one that was dis-proven years ago through DNA (it was a yak or goat I can't quite remember.) But they go look at it, and low and behold it is the same fricken' scalp! I mean did you do ANY research on this? Plus it was orange...not very Yeti like and they still wanted to get a piece of hair for DNA tests that were already done.... Uh.

So they look around at night since the Yeti is supposedly nocturnal. I'm not up on Yetis so I'll give them that, if it moves around at night look for it at night. They looked around and didn't find much that first and second night. On the third night they split up into groups (with sherpa's.) Well the main guy and the head assistant (why do you need a 'head' assistant when only 6 people go?) along with the head sherpa (see what I did there;)) head towards the river/stream. They supposedly see something in the thermal camera (I was checking for doneness on the food) and they come across a footprint in the sand/mud. Well they call their buds back to them since they don't have the casting materials with them. The print and another supposed heel print are cast. They then start looking around the area. They film what might be a thermal Yeti or a sherpa they aren't sure, and they at least state that. Bully for them.

Well the next day dawns, they look for more footprints by the first and then they leave. They leave. I'll say it again... They LEAVE. WOW these are some really serious scientists. We have a foot print and they leave the next day. Now that's an expedition! Back to the airport and are accosted by the press, one of the sherpas blabbed.

They head back to the US and to a primatologist, who has expressed an interest in bigfoot. He scans in the foot and heel print . The Destination truth guys seems annoyed that it takes time to do this, you even see him looking at his watch while they are scanning and he makes a face at the camera. Sorry real science takes so long buddy, those 10 minutes are a killer! Well the heel seems to match the footprint, cool. But they are really not that great or really convincing looking. They might be real but you can't really tell. I'm thinking the sherpa did it to drum up some tourists, but that's just me. The toes were all splayed out strangely but it was similar to some big foot prints so it might be possible. That's all they say on the Yeti, that's it, nothing more....and I wasted an hour.

This is why this show so bad! You get no information on the Yeti, they don't even ask the scientist if the foot print is real or not, they just assume it is. This is Cryptozoology at it's worst. Skip this crap and watch Monsterquest. They at least try to use science. In fact the primatologist from Destination Truth was on an episode with bigfoot on Monsterquest. they test some blood that had supposedly been from a bigfoot. It was similar to humans but had an extra chromosome, that is at least some proof....hmmmm. I am a skeptic on most of these things but I am open to new information. Just bring in some proof:)




Fatboy73 said...

Absolutely love monster quest and Cryptozoology in general.
I'm pretty sure most of it is B.S
but it's like driving by a car crash
man,can't stop looking.
Personally like the MQ episode where
they find the board full of screws
that Bigfoot supposedly stepped on.

Brett said...

LOL! Some of it might have some merit. I read a blog called Tetrapod Zoology, and the blogger has a Phd, and blogs about sasquatch and the big cats of the UK. It' all done with good science so it's fun to read AND informative.

I saw that Monsterquest. The guy with the mustache is the primatologist on the episode of DT.



Anonymous said...

It is the cry of the Yeti!
The Yeti!

They've come the old palace!

(BLAAAHHH!)-Horror music. Cheap.

-Johnny Quest: Monsters of the Monastary


Warmaiden said...

I like Zoology, always like seeing strange creatures that may or may not exist, however I am sick and tried of every Zoology based show saying they have some new so-called evidence about what they are searching for. They, including MonsterQuest, which I don’t like much either, always have a bunch of so-called eye witnesses telling us their stories in perfect detail, or make sure to tell us a hundred times how dark it was, meaning they might not have seen what they saw, only trying to convince us otherwise. Then the hunter guy come outs and explains in great detail about their advance technology that they will use to catch the monster on camera, yet when we get the final scene, something always goes wrong with it or what we are seeing is inconclusive. Worse still, I have seen one show where the put the camera in one place, and the trap in another. When they came back the next morning, the food in the trap was gone, but had a giant ass print, yet they camera caught nothing because why, it wasn't facing the same direction. It just gets old.

Frankly though, how many people have cameras, recorders or phones with cameras? Yet these rednecks never seem to have them on hand when it seems everything else in the world is being caught on tap.

I think if we can find other elusive animals such as the snow leopards, giant squids, etc, we could find most of the Zoology creatures too if they really cared too find them.

But nice picture Brett...don't see you do such close up pics that often.

Brett said...

You can't trust eye witnesses. That's why we need a body, or at the very least a skeleton for absolute proof. The Dogman episode of Monsterquest was pretty bad, but they atleast DID discover the answer to the lying tubes.

I like crytopzoology myself, but it's more to see what kind of crazy crap people come up with;)