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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Most Important Question You'll Ever Ask Yourself

How many cannibals could my body feed?

I've lost a lot of weight recently due to illness. I could only feed nine. ::points at Brett:: Eat him instead!

How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Edit: I can feed 13, but I'm also over a foot taller than Jess.;)


Anonymous said...

holy crap! i can feed 16 cannibals. i need to diet and excersise more i don't want to give those cannibals the satisfaction of a good meal. :)


Brett said...

Just tell everyone online your almost 7 feet tall;) No one will every know...except the 8 people who read my blog;)

Anonymous said...

I can feed 12, but that's because I'm almost 6'. XD I be a tall female!


Brett said...

Nothing wrong wit being tall Jackie! I'm 6'3" all the better to reach stuff!