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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Question 1, the Scarlet Speedster

This question is from Damon O:

'You've made it clear that you're not interested in drawing superheroes anymore. However, you've also mentioned that you'd like to draw the Flash, so is there any circumstance where you might one day reconsider your non-superhero stance -- like if they offered you the Flash, for example?'

Let's see, if DabelBrothers fails I will be looking for another job and at that point I would have to consider doing superheros again. I might be interested at some later point when I get sick of doing the novel adaptions, but DC has NO idea who I am. I tried to get work with them after the second Thundercats series I was asked to do was pulled from me (more in a later answer.) They wanted me to send in samples and the like. I had a website, they could have just googled me. But I said I would, they stopped responding to my emails at that point. I did try to get work at Wildstorm in 2004 and 2005 but I was told by Scott Dunbier that they didn't have anything for me. This is the same guy who wouldn't sell to people who wanted my original art and instead tried to sell them Jeff or Jim stuff ( I actually got emails from people about this so I pulled all my art from WS.) He doesn't like me. Maybe Wildstorm will finally get back on top.

I might also be lured if Mark Waid was writting it. But that would depend on if I was working on a project at Dabelbros that I really liked or not.

I have had thoughts about doing Backlash again, but I doubt that will ever happen. I do miss him and Taboo every now and then. On a side note, we had actually thought about doing a Backlash Daredevil crossover instead of the Spider-man one. But we decided to go with the higher draw, unfortunately we did not know that the clone crap was going on so we might have done Daredevil if Spidey wasn't approved already.

Here's a story about the Flash that never was. Years ago right after DC bought Wildstorm I got a call From Jim Lee. He mentioned that Stan Lee was in talks with him and DC about doing a revamp of the main DC characters similar to Heroes Reborn. He asked if I would be interested and which character I'd like to do. Not being a DC fan in my youth I said the Flash, the only DC guy I ever really liked. Alas I left Wildstorm a few months later.

Any follow up questions will be answered in the comments.




Anonymous said...

While i am glad you did end up at dabel and i got to see you do anita blake and frankenstien i wonder what your stan lee flash would have looked like. the world will never know.

on a side note i never knew that scott dunbier was such a prick. you are such an amazing talent i don't understand why they wouldn't want to keep an artist of your caliber happy? we live and learn huh.


Anonymous said...

Wooo...did you say Taboo. *snicker* Sorry, but she's one of my absolute favorite characters.

To be honest, you're one of the reasons that I enjoy Dabel so much. They have some great ideas and I like most of the books they convert, but as a fan of yours since way back in the Wildcore/Backlash days, once I heard you were on Dabel, I was sold. I hope your run with them is long and fruitful. Cheers.

Brett said...

I'm glad you guys made the jump to the novel adaptions. Loosing Anita was a toughy. Especially since the books I really wanted to do were #'s 2 and 3. But it wasn't ment to be.

We are trying for a few other properties that will be fun. I might have news soon.


I pitched an idea to Wildstorm a few years ago (ok maybe 6 but who's counting) that would have killed off the Drahn and Backlash and Taboo so no one could screw with my run... but alas WS didn't want it. About a month later Mike Heisler (of Union fame) asked if I would be interested in doing a Crisis like book for WS, killing off Union and Backlash and Taboo. I was game but I think WS passed on that one too, or I might have been starting another book. I can't remember.

Ah well,