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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tch's questions

TCH asks:

' Firstly I'd like to you how you keep up to date on the paleontology. You seem to read up quite a bit so I wondered if you had subscription to some journal?'

Well, I read several blogs with dinosaur themes:

Tetrapod Zoology


Then there is the Dinosaur Mailing List.

I'm not on the list anymore but I read the archives, they are usually a day behind.

And then of course Yahoo news has some good stuff. I sometimes get papers but they are usually pretty hard to get through.

' Secondly, did it ever occur to you to start up some dinosaur comic, either something in the style of Raptor Red or the classic Cadillacs and Dinosaurs? '

Yep, in fact I even drew 5 pages of it, but I didn't have the time to do it. We even had this cool thing planned so that when you put your cursor over a new dinosaur a fun fact would pop up. I'm hoping to have time too do the panel to panel stuff for the dino book. I inquired about doing Raptor Red for Dabel but it didn't sell that well so Random House didn't want to do it. Maybe one day:)

'Also some dragon sketches would be interesting to see :)'

I don't have any sketches but will a Pern fan picture work? It's got a Dragon:)



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TCH said...

sweetness! made my day :D