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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Test I took

This was the result. It's actually fairly accurate:

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Liberal Identity:

You are a New Left Hipster, also known as a liberal, a Netroots activist, or a Daily Show fanatic. You believe that if we really want to defend American values, conservatives must be exposed, mocked, and assailed for every fanatical, puritanical, warmongering, Constitution-shredding ideal for which they stand.

I'm still laughing, they figured me out in 7 questions!




Anonymous said...

I tried to take the test, but there were three quesitons I couldn't find an answer even close on so I left them blank. It said I was too liberal for the test to even score.


Brett said...

LOL! Come on you know you want to see the the Bush, Chenney, Rove nekkid pyramid;)

I would have taken a different book with me but I went with what they had. But some of those questions did give me a chuckle!