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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Important safety tip!

Click on image for full size fun!

If you see an Atheist kids, run and tell an adult, they might get you! Or they might teach you evolution! Run away!

Found on god is 4 suckers.

I don't always agree with them, but this picture was funny.:)

I'm not usually that grumpy, in fact I'm usually fairly happy....

Now get off my lawn!


1 comment:

Mountaineer_Elf said...

OH man...that's just about the creepiest and dumbest thing I think I've ever heard. Did you see on my blog the "random" book that the Creationists were handing out in our new dinosaur exhibit hall?

It's just getting so retarded with these people. A mix of stranger danger with religion. *shudder*