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Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview for Dinosaur George

I did an interview recently for Dinosaur George.

I just happened to check his blog and it was posted:) So if you want to ask him some questions or listen to me babble incoherently on another blog go check it out;) George, is the creator of Jurassic Fight Club, which is always good for some monster action and various other DVD's he's currently doing. He goes around to schools and educates the public about.. what else Dinosaurs! Check out his website for more info:)

I'd love him to come up to El Paso but I doubt the people here would be very interested, the city has like 20 museums, but if it doesn't have anything to do with the Mexican culture (which is rich and full and on every street, they really hit you over the head with it here.) The city won't support it. They had a private dinosaur museum and they asked the city to help them built an actual Natural History museum, the city was not interested, even though they have dinosaur trackways here. A natural history museum, might not be cultural but it IS EVERYONE'S HISTORY. That's what happens when you cater to the tourists. I'm ranting incoherently again... I need to stop that;)




Andria Jacomet said...

Yes, Brett, I read the interview on Dinosaur George's website and I think you are fantastic. The amount of detail you put into the work is like nothing that I have seen...all the bumps and skin folds, you know dinosaurs didn't have perfect skin. Just amazing. You really bring the Dino's to life. Great work, and you definitely have a new follower!!

Andria Jacomet said...

I like your dogs too :)

Brett said...

Hi Andria,

Glad you like the dinos:) I have a few more to scan and put up. Hopefully soon:)

The dogs are always fun, except when they are hungry, then they are pains in the ass!



Andria Jacomet said...

Great, I am looking forward to more of your work!

I have cats at home and they are just as much of a pain when they are hungry...the looks they can give you are priceless!!!