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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basic theropod anatomy

Ok, Mark, I finally got it scanned! I drew a basic Neovenator with the large major muscle groups, or what I have been doing. There are a few other drawing out there with a slightly different structure a bit more chicken like in the back legs, which looks great on chickens but a little odd on a dinosaur in my opinion. But see for yourself.

The other lines are to show dimention. This will vairy depending on the theropod, Dilophosaurus would be very narrow while T. rex will have a more barrel chest.

The heads of most theropods are hatchet shaped with the ear located behind/above the jaw hinge.

I drew a cutaway outline of the 'roundness' of the body, and to show you how the legs look without the body in the way. The thighs are mor elike slabs while the calfs are more cylindrical then the foot is again more slablike. There is a tendon that goes along the back of the calf and around the ankle joint all the way to the toes. And they did walk on their toes. I hope this helps some:)


Mark said...

This is awesome of you to do, thanks a bunch Brett. :D

Brett said...

If you have any other questions just let me know:)



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your art, and being able to see some of your preliminary sketches and basic linework is always a welcomed treat.. :)


Brett said...

Glad you liked them Amy:) I generally don't do many preliminary sketches, I just go right in from a quick layout to final pencils.