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Monday, March 9, 2009

Non religious now 3rd largest 'religious' group in US

Found this post on Stupid Evil Bastard.

This is from the article:

'• So many Americans claim no religion at all (15%, up from 8% in 1990), that this category now outranks every other major U.S. religious group except Catholics and Baptists. In a nation that has long been mostly Christian, “the challenge to Christianity … does not come from other religions but from a rejection of all forms of organized religion,” the report concludes.'

So can we now STOP the Christian nation crap, get the religion and partisan BS OUT of politics and try to fix this mess... please!?!




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Hope all is well.


Mountaineer_Elf said...

Love the new pic of you guys and the dogs. :) Good stuff. Very American Gothic. lol