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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sinosauropteryx in color

Jess calls it a meerkatasaurus;)



Anonymous said...

Nice!! Love the feathers on him. Remember to tell people that's speculation and there to allow people to see the bird-like features. I think he's a theropod...though I could be mistaken.

Anywho, nice blog! From your profile, my first impression are a nut ;-) (I'm kidding, BTW.) I think I can like this blog and your personality.

Brett said...

Hi Raptor Lewis,

The feathers are known for this critter, it's the color that's speculative;) And the hands are incorrect, but I took some artistic license so it would look like a meerkat;) It is indeed a theropod, of the Coelurosaur line. A distant relative of T. rex:) Here's the wiki page for more info:

I'm only a little crazy;) I stopped biting months ago;)