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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Character sketches..

..But not what you're used to seeing out of me. I've been busy working on Dresden but everything I've been doing isn't approved yet for the blog. So the 5 anita Blake covers are just sitting on my drive along with some other covers and lots of pages. So in the hopes of keeping you all appeased with new art I give you some character ideas for a not so serious kind of comic;)
Praying Mantis, with his trusty Bible and claws of truth he bugs unbelievers into submission.
Dr. Atheist and his trusty supercomputer Reason 1 (that thing on his lab jacket.) They try to take control of the world using well reasoned arguments and common sense, they are truly evil.
Missing link and Transsional Fossil, they are Dr. Atheists trusty assistants.
Dis-Cypl' and Cresent Moon, they do the Lords work (Lots Of Rightwing Dillweeds.)

IDagent, trying to infiltrait the 'evil' empire of Dr Atheist using his own special brand of 'science'.

StrawMan and his trusty bird 2,3,4 (call him 1,2,3 and he'll peck your eyes out and poop in you're skull. Really, I've seen it happen. I still have nighmares.) He confuses his enemies with thinly vailed arguments.
Black Pontif. Trying to 'reconvert the lost' to reason and science. He's a sort of a free agent who sometimes works with Dr. Atheist. Those aren't crosses he wears, but 't's for 'truth'.

All done on the computer thus the crappyness. Just something fun to mess with;)




Chris said...

LOL Great stuff Brett! You know I've been wanting to take a crack at doing an comic version of the bible,but told as one big drug trip.
Think about it jesus and the disciples sitting around a fire at night on the shore of the Sea of Galilee all smoking a big fat blunt or tripping on acid.Jesus leans over to the disciples and whispers"hey guys...guess what!...I bet you I can walk on top of that water over there cough cough!" NO F$%^#ING WAY MAN!... "WAY MAN!"

jez said...

l...o...f-ing l!!!

Brett said...

LOL! Chris very funny;)

Thanks jez... I think. I'm not up on all this fancy texting lingo;)