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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fair and Balanced

See I'm fair and balanced... like Fox News. Edward Current and his one man War on Atheists. This one's about why Atheists are stupid, or at least not as smart as Christians.

Enjoy as I did! He almost had me convinced;)!



Anonymous said...

Yeah! Every straw man misunderstanding in one easy to access place! Thanks for the convenience.

Us silly Christians are studying the brilliant writings of people like William Lane Craig but it is a lot more fun to depict us as backwoods idiots who haven't a clue.

If you want to refute a philosophy system you don't misrepresent the fundamental doctrines and you don't attack the weakest depictions you can find. You go after the strong if you want any hope of being perceived as credible. That is why Christian thinkers(and even Jewish folks like Ben Stein)routinely debate (and out think) folks like Hitchens and Dawkins. We are more interested in going after the perceived intellectual head of a school of thought than some foolish misrepresentation we made up in our free time.


Anonymous said...

Check out Dr. Craig's website. I think you might be interested with his work on the Kalām cosmological argument.

Well Ben is Jewish, so I don't agree with everything he has to say, but everything he has ever said about religion is false? Really? That is kind of a blanket statement that is impossible to defend isn't it?

I guess what bothers me about folks like Mr. Current here is that he has no real interest in an honest discussion, he is only interested in mocking Christians. He'll throw out a dozen hair brain ideas at a time, but if you try to talk to him about any he gets defensive and argumentative. His mockery is just a shield to prevent honest discussion.

Brett said...

Now I know who he is. The circular logic guy. I have yet to be even remotely convinced by any of his arguments or ideas. His own idea refute him. God can't be omnipitent if he was created. Sorry. You can't say everything needs a creator or beginning, except god. That's not logical.

I have yet to watch Expelled (I do have it DVR'd,) but after hearing all the great 'reasoning' in it and reading over and over again how blatantly false it is I don't need to defend it, it's already been done for me. Evolution is NOT eugenics, Hitler was NOT an Atheist, those ID people didn't get better jobs and whatnot because they didn't do any science. To lie when the actual truth is common can anything he say be taken seriously.

Steve, I have read countless comments on message boards, on articles where your average fundimentalist Christain/Muslim/Jew sounds just like him. The 'honest' discussion doesn't exist. You have no evidence, get some and bring that to the table if you want honest discussion. But the lieing for Jesus crap only make you ultra religious types look like snake oil salesmen. Your entire argument boils down to we feel it in our heart, and I'm supposed to think that's actual evidence? That's an anecdote at best.

I know you don't like the idea that we evolved from muck, but doesn't you're own religion have the same story? (new finding are thinking ice now, so that's better than muck ;)) You keep refusing actual evidence because your heart tells you differently (you can claim ID all you want but that's what those guys are doing, they are uber religious too and they really, really want to be special.) That's not logical that's wishing and I gave up on that with the tooth fairy and Santa. It's time to wake up, grow up and stop pretending.

And I'm truley done now.


^^W^^ said...

I think you might enjoy this one... :D