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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My ongoing effort to give Steve an aneurysm

Been busy today, I'll have to look over the comments on the other posts and cringe before answering.




Anonymous said...

I admit, I’m stumped. Is this supposed to be inflammatory? I’m guessing from the heading yes? Uhm…okay.
“Who’s the more foolish the fool, or the fool who follows him?”-Ben Kenobi
I guess what is disturbing is not really the lack of merit or substance of the cartoon; it is that people are so uncritical to not readily recognize how feeble an attack on Paul it is. Unless it isn’t supposed to be an attack on Paul and is instead showing how foolish some religious critics are, but then again the execution is still pretty weak.
Either way it does bring up the interesting question do you believe Paul was a real person?
I guess I should ask as well if you believe me to be a real person?
If yes, when do Christians historically become real? If I am real, and I’m almost positive I am, can we assume there is some point between the birth of Christ and today when you stop rejecting all evidence merely on content? Or are all Christians, Bibles, and believers who appear throughout history mythical? When the Romans were feeding the Christians to the lions were these real or fictitious Christians? Did the Romans imagine the martyrs? Did the Lions? I ask in a humorous way, but I’m serous, at what point in history do you start accepting the facts of archeology and written history? Do you have a date? If your criteria is simply you will never accept any accounts of Christ or Christians as having factual merit I guess we can save each other a lot of time.


Brett said...

This was a joke, haha, me poking a bit of fun at you, and quoting Star Wars, LOL! that was funny! Using a fantasy story to prove your point about a fantasy story! I love it!

We don't know if any of the original disciples are real, not until we get to the later Paul and have other historical evidence to prove it. We know Christians existed but at what point do they stop calling themselves Jews and switch? I'll freely admit I don't know, I don't really care since it's not important to me, both religions are based on myths. The Jesus Myth isn't even original, just based on older Greek and Egyptian stories.

I won't accept anything unless it has multiple ways of verification, just like I won't just accept what the tabloid rags say. I will say there is is some evidence of King David, but the time frame is off from the begats so it might be someone else. The bible is NOT archeologic evidence of god, any more than the Egyptian book of the dead. I will accept what actual archeologists say if there is evidence to support them.