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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Congorilla/ Starman Special... sketch?

Done REALLY quick on the computer, just so I'd have something new to post. My deadline for this book is this coming weekend so I'll be pretty busy this week. Anywho, these are the 4 main characters, Congorilla, Starman, Animal Man and Rex the Wonder Dog. Only one guy's wearing tights:)



1 comment:

M.O.R said...

Call me silly, but I really like this sketch.

There is so much energy and I love the personality of the piece. In many ways it has alot more of your personality in it than a finished piece, if you pardon my saying so.

Allow me to explain. I once had an art teacher who said he preferred 10 minute sketches to 30 minute sketches from students, because the 10 minutes are far more individual, rather than the more 'polished' 30 minute sketches.
Polished pieces are really cool, but there is something about seeing an artist at the rough stages of a drawing that makes it more interesting, at least to me. Fun to see the difference between the beginnings and the final image.