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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crazy People Make Me Laugh. But Only on Sunday.

Is this image REALLY that offensive? Apparently it is to some preacher guy in the middle of who cares;) You can read the whole email exchange here! It's really funny! Had me laughing for hours.

Also, famed ID proponent Micheal Behe's son has come out as an Atheist. I'm not 100% sure this is his son but if it is... OH SNAP! IT'S ON NOW!.... Of course, I really don't know what that means but I'm guessing it means.... SOMETHING;)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually these are both kind of funny. Sure at the root there is some mean mockery going on, but they do show how bad Christianity when practiced as simply a religion can be.

You can’t argue with a non-believer about why Jesus riding a velociraptor is wrong. It is just going to push them further away. Also Christians have to be willing to laugh at the way some people view Jesus; soft effeminate, feathered hair with lots of styling product in it, those pictures are more disturbing than the mocking captions.

The Behe stuff hits home, his story is similar to Brett’s and my deconversion stories. Sadly with Catholicism (or any mainline denominations) this is a growing trend. Instead of real Christianity they get institutionalized fundamentalism religion. A set of rules and standards to apply, guidelines to follow. Do this, don’t do that, God will love you if you behave this way., etc. It is cool when someone can walk away from that and say that is bunk, that is a silly way to worship God. The problem arises when that same individual believes they’ve actually experienced true Christianity and don’t need to look deeper. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for the whole Behe clan to look beyond institutionalized Catholicism and check out who Jesus really is.