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Monday, October 4, 2010

Well Crap!

Serves me right for trying to hard. Just turned in a DPS and on it is a shot that refers to another book. The description was flying heroes around a shield thing in DC. So I took it upon myself to draw a bunch of flying heroes... Unfortunately some are either not there or inside the shield so I had to swap some out. These are the one that got swapped, so since they aren't in the book I can post them on a technicality;)




Tom said...

I have a request/recommendation. I have been a fan since your days at the comic exchange. Yeah, before you where you. I was there when you got discovered. That was so cool.
Anyway, here it is. How about a checklist of the books you have coming out so people like me can keep up? I have a Brett Booth box and I know I'm missing stuff. Just put it over there on the left side thingy.
I know you don't remember but I only collect trades. With the exception of anything Brett Booth puts out. I sound like a suck up, but the truth is that although I only saw you at the store I always thought of you as friend and this is how you support your friends.

Anonymous said...

Are you supposed to draw Wonder Woman in her new costume? I prefer the classic one, but hey Jim Lee is in charge.


Ben Jones said...

Bret your killing it right now, I'm seeing a shift in your work intentional or not. Reminds me of your work from homage/wildstorm days and really bringing home the reason Ive been a fan for so many years.

Tom said...


Tomasz Cieryt said...

What happens to all the sketches you do? Is it possible to purchase the ones that you post online?