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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Batman Beyond Sketch

This one really is a sketch;) I really liked this cartoon and the Hub is re playing them:)




M.O.R said...

Forgive me for saying this, and I know its a sketch, but the crotch seems off.

Like the overall sketch tho.
I think he looks cooler with the arm wings.

Brett said...

It's a little low. I didn't really notice until I scanned it.



steve said...

I freak'n love Batman Beyond. A few years back I proposed a Batman Beyond comic series set in the "real" main DC Universe to DC with me writing and Brett drawing it. DC told me they would never do a Batman Beyond series except for the animated series based one. I'm so glad they changed their mind. Ryan Benjamin is doing a killer job on the book.


M.O.R said...

I was thinking the crotch was aligned wrong. Like it should be more the the left.

I dunno if I would draw him as muscular as you have him here, but that is just me.

I always felt that the suit gave him strength, and he would not push himself as far as Bruce would, physically.

Rhio2k said...

Terry had this build after 3 or so years after he reached adulthood. Batman Beyond only covered his late teen years. Justice League Unlimited's final ep ("Epilogue" showed him as a young adult, and he was about this muscular. Good job, Brett!

Alexis Logan said...
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