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Friday, November 19, 2010

Will YOU be picking up my JLA run?

Over on Comic Book Resources they have a poll in a thread about me 'taking over' (I don't consider 4 issues 'taking over' more like a long fill in) the JLA.

I wish I was able to post some of the art since the stuff they've been showing is fricken old ( X-men, and an OLD Batman commission, really?) Online polls are crap so, head on over and vote if you want, bashing me is ALWAYS fun to read so have at it!

I've been told Batman /Superman 78 shipped this week with my Huntress/Powergirl story. I'll see if I can find out for sure:)




steve said...

Comics are worse than politics these days. Everything is so polarizing. Either you completely hate or totally love an artist. I'm looking forward to your run.

Brian said...

i have been a long time of your art ever since your days at wildstorm, i am not a fan of the current JLA series, and with money being time in my house hold the only comics i bought were Nightwing, of which i was hoping that one day you would take it over and make it kick ass again. and since that is cancelled and Dick Grayson is now in the JLA, i will start to pick that book up now. to prove how much of a fan and i am of your i am back in school and have printed up all your work that i can find of yours at 11 x 17 so i can study your work. u keep drawing i keep buying.

Jade Starrz said...

Oh no, its a take over Ahhhhhh! Seriously. That's just ridiculous. It isn't like you rebooted the whole comic and took over the project for 24 issues . People seem to overreact a little heavily these days.

M.O.R said...

No offence to anyone, but I might wait for the trade, as I always do. No matter the writer or the artist, I prefer the trade because I can get the whole story in one, without having to wait for any idea of how much I like or hate the story, because I have gotten burned in the past when I got so invested in the story that a few times I have been left with a complete anti climax. Plus I can find out ahead of time if the book is good or bad.

I read the postings on the CBR blog, and most of the people who are not sticking with the book are blaming the current writer, and not the artist.

If the story interests me, I might check it out.

Hope its good overall.

Take Care.

Tom said...

I'll be picking up all of the issues you illustrate. I really enjoyed the back up story in Superman/Batman. Looking forward to JLA!!

Brett said...

Thanks guys and gals! I hope you like gorillas;) I actually just finished the cover to 55 this weekend!

They seem to have a problem with James for the simple fact that the big 7 DC guys aren't on the team anymore. They fail to see that you CAN'T write compelling character stories when you have to OK everything with the writers for the regular books they appear in. PAIN IN THE ASS.

I do love the racial stuff, if you really are color blind then it shouldn't matter if Cyborg is on the team or not, Let's see, you have a green girl, a blue guy, a gorilla, an alien blond chick, a greek and Batman... sounds kind of diverse to me.



Unknown said...

I'll definitely be picking up your JLA run, and whatever other issues come out of yours!!

Always a fan,