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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Anonymous:

Brett has been making a living in the comics industry for almost twenty years. He has three projects going with DC. His dinosaur illustrations have appeared in a scientific paper, a book, and on major news outlets this year.

I have a successful run on Anita Blake. My breeding program is going exactly where I want it to go. I've angered some members of the Saluki community so badly that they wrote me up in an international magazine.

And we're supposed to be bothered by a jealous coward who is literacy challenged (read the blog policy)?


And your threats? We live in a Castle state. Bring it.

Love always,


BorderWars said...

Thumbs up.

Angel said...

Love you Jess!!!

Toraneko said...

I love the smell of dead troll in the morning. Thumbs up guys.

M.O.R said...

I just think it is sad that someone has so little going on in their lives that they feel they have free reign to insult people forno apparent reason.

There are lots of things I do not agree with when I read Brett and Jess's blog. But I keep coming bcak because I find something interesting, or something which raises questions that I either have an answer for, or want to find an answer for.

And, thankfully, even when I completely disagree with the Booth's to the point of signing a petition ;), I have never been banned or told to go suck a lemon, to put it politely.