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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sniper and Rook cover

They shootin! Not sure when this will be coming out or anything. When I know Ill let you know:)




M.O.R said...

I like it. Are you gonna ink it?

Tomasz Cieryt said...

Is that Grifter and Zealot ?

BTW Just cleaning up my back issue's, and noticed my Wild C.O.R.E issue's.

Why did you leave Wildcore? Was it suppose to be a monthly series or a mini series? Just Curious

Brett said...


I don't know if it will be inked. /


Nope, those are some sort of mercenaries or spies. He has brown hair, she has blond.

I left Wildcore for 2 reasons. Sales and Sparks. That 12 issue cover stunt of TopCows for the Darkness caused retailers to cut their orders for most images books, the problem is, when it was over they didn't go back to the higher numbers. So WC wasn't selling what it was. That and the spark of fun Sean and I had on Backlash didn't happen on WC. It wasn't fun to do anymore so I left. I was getting tired of drawing Backlash.

It was a monthly series.



Unknown said...

its sniper and rook and John is gonna freak when he sees this. I did a short run on this book for him last year.

steve said...

I am unfamiliar with the characters. Are they DC?

Brett said...


It's is an indy book. I'd seen it before. Didn't know you worked on it Ben:)



Unknown said...


I really love how the piece came out! Thank you, again, for doing it. You have no idea how much it's meant to me!! :-) Ben's right . . . totally excited when I saw it!

Drop me an email with your address and I'll send you a set of books . . . and the book with your cover when it's published, of course!


Unknown said...

Tomasz -- Sniper and Rook are a pair of covert operatives working for the US Government. The feel of the book is somewhere crossed between X-Files and James Bond, with a bunch of humor and characterization. Check out the writeup for the series on Atomic Avenue. :-)

SletchbookLP said...

What do you ink with or do you have an outside inker?

Brett said...

Hi Lucas,

No inks, just pencils. I'll be using an inker for my DC work for the JLA run. But most of the stuff here is just pencils:)